We Can use Music to Transcend Adversity & Internal Conflict

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How does music offer the possibility of transcendence
over adversity or internal conflict?

by Martin Klabunde

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

Play music and you are in love. How can one play music and be in conflict. Music is a perfect balance between the sound and the silence. How can this balance create conflict internally? When we play music we a creating a bridge over any troubles we may have and certainly we transcend any internal conflict we struggle with. Music offers us permission to leave the troubles behind, for good. Music does not say, “just for now, you may be peaceful, but later you may struggle”.

Music tells us that we may always have the peace we desire when we are playing music. That inner peace is with us always, it is up to us to recognize and engage it. Peace waits patiently, and eternally. Music reminds us of who we are; it tempts us to remember our cosmic memory of many lifetimes. Music burns away the layers of struggle and leads us to an inner sanctuary. Forget any struggle, for there is no struggle. Play music and enjoy life, there is nothing more to do.

From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

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