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We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

by Martin Klabunde

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We have all heard that phrase and many of us have used it to further our growth. Let us not underestimate the truth and power in this statement. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for. I propose that each of us holds the key to our own freedom and the freedom of all beings on earth and throughout the cosmos. Many, physical and non-physical, are learning to expand our awareness, raise our consciousness and empower that universal life force energy that sustain us all. There are some who do not understand compassion; they lack the ability to experience empathy and have difficulties utilizing compassion. There are many who are watching us; to learn from our triumphs and our mistakes. It is up to us to support the expansion of anabolic energies, such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness, tolerance and unconditional love. How we feel, how we think and what we do has a tremendous impact on not only our experience on earth, but impacts beings across the universe. Remember, they are watching us; learning from us and integrating the lessons we learn from.

We came here to create experiences from which to learn from. The 3rd dimension is very rigid. The energy here is slow so that we may be able to experience the results of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions in a very concrete way. The results are often instant and our bodies reflect those results quickly. We have a significant challenge in front of us. We are trapped in the physical world and have forgotten our cosmic memory. By that, I mean that we have forgotten that we are also energy and created from the same energy we find in all things.

Our perception has been contained in the 3rd dimension. Why? I suspect that many of us would leave this planet if we could at some point in our lives. Think about that. If you remembered that you are cosmic energy and could, at will, leave your body and go “home”, would you do it? For many, the answer is YES, in a heartbeat. That would defeat the purpose of us being here; to use our experiences to not only raise our consciousness, but the consciousness of the universe. So, to remedy this and to truly serve the needs of the universe, we have forgotten who we truly are. This is an essential component of our evolution and the evolution of the universe.

What if…

What if we realized that leaving our bodies does not put us in a place that is “better” than where we are now? What if our experience then is just different, but not better? Does judgement of this kind exist after we leave our bodies or is that judgement a construct of our human thinking, logic or desires? How would this realization change the way we think about ourselves and the “afterlife”?

What if you realized how powerful you really are? I mean what if you knew that by experiencing both pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, contentment and discontent, love and fear, you are learning how to raise your consciousness. In fact, both sides of an experience hold the same value. They are equally important and equally valuable. How would your perception change? How would your beliefs change? How would your experience of suffering change? There is freedom here and its always been here for us. We often choose to suffer; sometimes intentionally and other times we suffer because we are not aware of the dynamics and nature of being human. We have lost the connection to our spirit. We have created gods, deities, dogma to soothe ourselves and create some sense of meaning and purpose. We engage the concept of devotion, but what are we devoted to? We use our religions to justify hate, war, violence and the destruction of the “other”; those who choose to believe in a god other than ours.

We are asleep and trapped in our own limited perceptions and we have taken our perceptions as being true for us? What if there was more than meets the eye? What if there was a bigger picture than what we have been taught. It’s not a surprise that we have evolved as we have. I mean, we have learned from others who are also asleep so it makes sense that we have embraced so many illogical ideologies that, if we really feel what they do to us, make no sense at all.

So, what to do?

There is only one thing that is required of us to truly empower us into our full potential… Wake Up! Well, that is easier said than done. Why? It requires so many of us to release our old beliefs and if we are pushed to do that we will protest. Why? Because our perception of comfort is based on our current beliefs and dismantling those beliefs will be uncomfortable for many. We will have to redefine almost everything and that’s scary for most people. We will have to let go of the illusion of certainty, which is at the core of our comfort zone. We will have to let go of the need for acceptance by other humans (who are also asleep). We will need to break the cycle of ego-tourism on Earth. We are not here to prove anything to anyone or to be better or more than anyone. We are here to be messengers for the collective consciousness and we have a responsibility to raise our consciousness by experiencing the range of emotions that are available to us. The more intentional we are about observing our experience and learning from it, the more we grow, experience those “pleasant” emotions and fulfill our duties as humans.

Moving forward…

We have certain and specific technologies that are available to us. Creativity, Imagination and Intuition are just a few that, if engaged and used intentionally, can support us in our awakening. Consider that these are, in fact, technologies that allow us to access that part of ourselves that holds the key to remembering our cosmic memory. When that happens, everything changes. We no longer search for meaning in life, as we have found it through the opening that door of perception. Meaning has come to us and we realize searching for it is the exact thing that has kept it so illusive. Meaning has been here all along. It is when we engage our inner tools we see clearly it was always within. We will never search outside ourselves again.

We do have tools and technologies outside of ourselves that will also support us in awakening. Think about creativity, imagination and intuition. What activities support you with engaging those? For me it is music and drumming, for others it may be writing, painting, drawing, sports, etc. Most anything that allows you to step out of occidental thinking and into that space we call “The Flow”; where you’re not thinking and acting purely from a place of creativity, imagination and intuition. I encourage all of you to spend more time in that space. Prioritize that time daily, it is more valuable than you have been giving it. It is your responsibility to be child like again, to experience the freedom, inner peace, contentment and compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love that you are capable of.

-Martin Klabunde

If you want support on your journey, please reach out to me. As a transformational coach, my role is to support you on your journey of inner transformation by providing you reflections, tools and resources that will help you utilize your experiences in a way that allows you to raise your consciousness, expand your awareness, release any inner or outer blocks and create a strategy to move forward.

Transformational coaching is a philosophy that embodies the whole being of the client. It rests on the idea that we have all the answers we are looking for within us and when we tap into that vast pool of inner wisdom, we develop an inner knowing (our intuition) that guides us on our journey. It facilitates an internal energetic process that supports the client in developing greater self-awareness and overcome inner and outer blocks by examining their values, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and actions.

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

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