The Virtue of Forgiveness

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The Virtue of Forgiveness

Forgiveness resides in Unconditional and Unlimited Love. There must be a sincere desire and pure intention to cultivate a deep dense of love, compassion, humility and gratitude

Three Levels of Forgiveness

  • Level I: Decisional Forgiveness, in which we are making a cognitive decision to forgive.
  • Level II: Emotional forgiveness, in which negative emotions, such as resentment, bitterness, hostility, hatred anger and fear are replaced with love, compassion, gratitude and humility. Emotional forgiveness provides us with the opportunity to release negative emotions.
  • Level III: Spiritual Forgiveness, in which we choose to become a servant to those we wish to forgive.

To Forgive and Forget
Do we really ever forget? If not, then forgiveness has not occurred. It is not a process of cognitively forgetting what took place, but rather a willingness to completely let go of the feelings and emotions we experienced. That is not to say that we allow ourselves to experience the same situation over and over, rather, we gain wisdom that provides us the tools to create a more positive experience in the future. 

An unwillingness to forgive implies that we are separate from each other. 

Forgive Deeply and allow Freedom for our self and others. 🙂