The Spiritual Musician

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The Spiritual Musician

by Martin Klabunde

When music is played by the hands of the illuminated, it will bring all peoples into an age of peace and unity. The spiritual musician plays with his heart and the listener listens with his heart. Spiritual music is a stream of consciousness that reflects the inner state of the spiritual musician. The spiritual musician opens doors to sacred spaces and provides access to sacred wisdom of the eternal now. The consciousness of the musician is absorbed by the listener. Music that is created in the spirit world and brought through the spiritual musician manifests to create powerful medicine for the listener. Music that is created this way can help the listener engage the imagination in powerful and meaningful ways. This kind of inspired and sacred music infuses the imagination with the awareness of expanded perception and allows the listener to perceive beyond what is normally possible. The listener can more easily receive message from his/her inner being and other beings in alternate dimensions.

The spiritual musician has a responsibility to the highest spiritual Masters to relinquish any desires and to completely let go of any identity that (s)he may have carried. The spiritual musician is no longer considered to be a individual, (S)he is a part of the universal cosmic message that music carries. (S)he is a messenger of the cosmic message of unconditional and unlimited love. The spiritual musician has died into the music and is born into the message.

From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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