Transformational Coaching

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61 reviews «1 of 4»

Drumming Classes

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I have attended three sessions so far and really enjoy it. I am learning little subtleties about drumming and feel free and relaxed in the class. Thank you Martin! I will see you Sunday!

What an amazing experience. Martin had such a great way of teaching but also history and pulling you into the energy of the rhythm. New to this I wasn’t sure how i would do. I was amazed how easily he was able to teach me. His insight on Life and the joy this music gives us was a gem. What a way to spend an enjoyable Sunday with others and just relax and enjoy. Met some awesome new friends and cant wait to come again.

I have attended these classes in the past and they are powerful! Martin has a way of creating a platform that allows everyone to relax, have fun and really surrender to the cosmic energy. You leave feeling energized, refreshed and connected to the universal life force energy. I highly recommend this experience!