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Martin Klabunde: Artist Bio​

Martin Klabunde is an author, a speaker, an international musician, and the founder of Collective Awakening. His book, “Music Is Medicine: Accessing Sacred Wisdom From The Master Within,” highlights his dedication to empowering individuals with an intentional use of music and his speaking presentations have inspired many to achieve inner transformations.

A musician at heart since childhood, Martin began touring as a teenager and went on to study music in East and West Africa. After studying with initiated drum masters, Martin became one of a handful of Certified Professors of the Djembe at Mamady Keita’s Tam Tam Mandengue International School of Djembe. In addition to drumming, Martin has also achieved excellence in playing the adungu (bowl harp from Uganda), the akogo (thumb piano from Uganda), and the Australian didgeridoo. As a multi-instrumentalist and a prolific musician, Martin has produced five music CD’s and three meditation CD’s with the specific intention to promote joy, freedom, and love.

Before establishing Collective Awakening, Martin was the founder and director of The Dambe Project, a non-profit organization that utilizes West African performance art in youth mentorship and community development. Martin has taught music in over 75 schools and facilitated drumming workshops and interactive presentations for up to 800 people and for audiences with a diversity of backgrounds. With over 20 years of teaching, performance, and workshop facilitation experience, Martin brings a wealth of artistry, knowledge and wisdom to Collective Awakening events around the country.​