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by Martin Klabunde

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

“This idea of non-dualism is important and relevant; it is a step forward in the evolution of the spirit. It is not the end goal of the spirit. The spirit is capable of much more than occupying space in the vast universe and beyond. Our spirits do not desire to reach enlightenment for the sake of reaching enlightenment. Our spirits desire to be of service to that which it is a part of, the divine, and the sacred – unconditional love. The sincere motivation to be of service will take us to the appropriate states of awareness that we need in order to take action.”  – Martin Klabunde

Transformational Coaching can support you on your journey to oneness by helping you release any inner or outer blocks and provide you with a new perspective on the reality you would like to create. Martin is a certified Transformational Coach and may be available to support you on an ongoing basis.

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© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

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