Music is Medicine

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Music Is Medicine

Transforming Energy with Sound

by Martin Klabunde

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

What a beautiful existence we have as human beings. This wonderful reality of existing in both the physical and spiritual realms simultaneously offers us so many opportunities to deepen our connection to the divine inside each of us. Life is a mirror, a barometer of sorts that presents us with direct experiences that tell us exactly where our spiritual evolution lies. Being human presents us with very clear results that are beneficial when we seek to evolve to a deeper and more meaningful existence. Our human experience is the foundation for future nonphysical endeavors. What we remember here, we will carry with us after our physical body returns to the earth.

Our spirit carries all the knowledge and wisdom we need to elevate to higher levels of consciousness while in this body. This life provides us opportunities to remember this wisdom and integrate it into our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and we have powerful tools of transformation to help us with this adventure of inner exploration. As we walk the path of our inner being, we begin to develop a deeper awareness, detachment, clear intuition and wisdom. We begin to clearly hear the voice of a Master in each of us. This inner guide offers us Sacred Wisdom, and if we choose to listen, our perception transforms, allowing the problems and challenges we experience to fade away.

So, how can we begin to experience the freedom of Sacred Wisdom and the Master Within? How can we create an expanded awareness, a deeper perception, or act with wisdom? How can we remember our history as cosmic walkers, where we are going and how we are going to get there? How can we begin our own transformative path when life seems to be moving so fast or when we just don’t know where to begin?

We need something that reminds us of our mission on earth, something that speaks directly to our soul and our spirit and something that helps us stay on track. There is something that resides in both the physical and the spiritual domains that does just that; it is a language that every human understands and that can connect us to a power greater than ourselves. It is music. Music lives in the invisible until we connect with it and bring it into the physical. When we listen to or play music, we connect to our inner being and transport our awareness to unseen dimensions. This experience will alter our perception just enough so that we provide ourselves the opportunity to unite with our inner being. Music is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the seen and the unseen, the mortal and the immortal.

When we listen to or play music, we connect to our inner being and transport our awareness to unseen dimensions.

Music provides a path of becoming and a powerful tool for connecting with our cosmic memory of the spirit worlds. Music is the language of the spirit; it transcends all spoken languages and connects all humans on an intuitive and spiritual level. Music speaks to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and provides us a direct connection to spirit. When we play music in a sacred context, we can discover the Master Within and offer ourselves the opportunity to conspire with the Great Spirit to be a servant to humanity, the Earth and other spirits. If we can remember how to use music for our spiritual evolution, we will have connected with one of the most powerful forms of cosmic communication known to humans.

Music is the medicine, we are the doctors and the world is the patient. Music is a language that the spirit understands clearly, and it resides in a place deep within us that is protected from the constructs of the mind. Music speaks through metaphors, anecdotes and stories. When we listen to or play music, we are free to leave the mundane world and allow our spirits to fly and to access the wisdom needed to experience balance, peace, contentment and serenity. When we play music, we have the opportunity to write our story. We are free to consider, dream and live the possibilities. Maybe, just maybe, we will see that the dream is here and now and that the possibilities are endless.

Music opens doors to other dimensions and offers us access to the knowledge and wisdom contained there. Music is also our interpreter when we travel to these dimensions. Our mind is not equipped to translate the message waiting for us there, but music is a language that is bidirectional. We can use it to communicate and receive the messages the mind cannot perceive. Music opens pathways to and from our spirit center, or our inner being. Our inner being does not use the mind; rather, it uses energy to gain knowledge and information. Music provides the information highway from our inner being to the universal life-force consciousness that contains all we need to evolve. This is not an external highway; it does not lead us outside ourselves. Rather, it leads us deeper inside our being, to a collective consciousness where we all exist together, complete, pure and one.

Music is a manifestation of an inner sound, a cosmic sound that exists inside each of us. This inner sound reflects cosmic vibrations and connects us to the universe and each other. Here we must differentiate between audible sound and cosmic sound. All people can hear audible sounds, whereas cosmic sound can be heard by those who practice deep levels of detachment and transform their perceptions of the mundane world—by those who can see and hear beyond the veil of the material, those who see with inner eyes and hear with inner ears. Audible sound is a reflection of cosmic vibrations or sound—the source of all life.

Music is an essential part of life and a force that can create transformation inside the individual, the community and the world. Music is the intentional use of sound and silence and offers us the possibility to experience the spiritual physically and the physical spiritually. It is a bridge between space and time. As humans, we can access the dimension of time, and this allows us the opportunity to use music to access other dimensions. For example, the folkloric and traditional lullabies of every culture give agency to the notion of the dreamtime and our existence in other dimensions. Many of us can remember the kind of dreams we had when the voice of the lullaby escorted us to other realms. The music soothed our soul and healed our hearts; we interacted with other beings, received messages and brought back a sense of comfort to the physical world.

Music is an essential part of life and a force that can create transformation inside the individual, the community and the world.

Sound waves are vehicles of energy capable of carrying more than just sound. We can infuse sound with our intentions of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, humility and unconditional love. These are powerful tools that can heal and transform. This is sound with a soul! Music provides us a vehicle for the manifestation of cosmic sound. Playing music within this sacred context is a powerful spiritual tool, and infusing sound with pure intentions offers us the possibility of connecting to the divine inside each of us. Music played in collaboration with pure intention can create a potent recipe for inner transformation. Music has the power to move us out of negative emotional states and into places of opportunity and possibility.

All of us are seeking healing, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, and music plays an important part in that healing; it allows us to move into the spirit world, where healing occurs. Music affects the body directly through cells and organs and indirectly through emotions, which, in turn, also affects the cells and organs. Music can affect our energy, our nervous system and our digestion. Music can add to our clarity of consciousness and strengthen our life-force energy. These functions of music allow for us to co-create a powerful message of healing. When we set the intention to participate in healing, we transport ourselves to the space of the immortal—the dimensions of immortality. This is where the message of healing is created. We can use music combined with our pure intention to deliver the message back to the physical world. Intention combined with music is a powerful connection to our Spirit, and intention comes from the core of who you are, beyond the mind. Intentions are actions in the unseen world and create powerful results when combined with music. They transform energy and can manifest transformation in the physical realm if that is what is needed. Our most powerful and productive intention originates from the heart, which is connected to our Spirit.

Listening to music connects our perception to open streams of consciousness that provide possibilities of freedom and self-realization. Negative emotional states are closed and caged states of consciousness. Music combined with sincere intention opens these closed states and creates an open flow, allowing our perceptions to create a path to emotional freedom. In this way, music helps us break free of old patterns and unwanted habits.

Music teaches us to be in the present moment. Music asks us to fully commit to her whenever we engage her loving arms. Music teaches us to view our world with invisible eyes and hear with invisible ears. She demands that we speak in poetry rather than linear words. Music holds a mirror to our perception of self and others and asks that we see through a lens of clarity. Music asks bold action in life and requests that we take risks, stopping at nothing for freedom and love. Music gives us direct knowledge of all that is.

Playing Music for Inner Transformation

Music is a vehicle for the messages that the whole person needs to evolve spiritually. That message comes from the universe, the place that resides deep within our spirit and is mirrored in every galaxy and star system beyond our imagination. Play music and you are in love. How can one play music and be in conflict? Music is a perfect balance between the sound and the silence. How can this balance create conflict internally? When we play music, we are creating a bridge over any troubles we may think we have, and certainly we transcend any internal conflict we struggle with. Music offers us permission to leave the troubles behind, for good. Music does not say, “Just for now you may be peaceful, but later you may struggle.” Music tells us that we may always have the peace we have when we are playing music. That inner peace is with us always; it is up to us to recognize and engage it. Peace waits patiently, and eternally. Music reminds us of who we are; it tempts us to remember our cosmic memory of many lifetimes. Music burns away the layers of struggle and leads us to an inner sanctuary. Forget any struggle, for there is no struggle.

When we play music, we are offered the possibility to see the world from a perspective of unity, love and serenity.

Music is a powerful infusion of energy, intention and sound. It can be used to open the energy centers of our body and allow for a larger capacity to contain and manage energy. The energy that music uses or the frequencies that music resides in are the same frequencies stored in our energy centers, or chakras. The chakras help us receive, regulate and use energy. A combination of music, energy and intention can be arranged and sequenced so that it may aid in clearing and opening our chakras. It can also be a powerful way to keep our whole being healthy, clear and aware. Clearing our energy centers provides a foundation for clarity on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Music is a powerful infusion of energy, intention and sound. It can be used to open the energy centers of our body and allow for a larger capacity to contain and manage energy.

Music allows our peripheral perceptions to become more visible, and we are able to see through the veil of the material world into the depths of the spiritual worlds. Music is an elixir for the mind; it allows the mind to drop its protective layers and expose what resides deep inside itself. Music is the lullaby that allows the mind to let down its protective barrier just long enough that we may enter into the nucleus. It soothes the mind and coaxes it into relaxing and revealing its vulnerability. Then it slowly dismantles the mind, like picking the petals from a flower to reveal the innermost center. What is revealed is beautiful and vulnerable. For so long we have been saying this is a process of no-mind. Now it is a process of melting with what is at the nucleus: nothing, emptiness. It has all been a great façade, the mind creating one illusion after another. We should never underestimate the power of music!

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© 2012 by Martin Klabunde. Martin is an author, speaker, an international musician and founder of Collective Awakening. This article is excerpted from his book, Music Is Medicine: Accessing Sacred Wisdom From The Master Within. He has achieved excellence in playing the adungu (bowl harp from Uganda), the akogo (thumb piano from Uganda), the djembe (drum from Mali and Guinea, West Africa, and the Australian didgeridoo. He performs sacred music with his wife, Wing Man Rita Law, Ph.D. To see and hear more visit

From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

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