Freedom From Fear

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Freedom From Fear

by Martin Klabunde

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

Fear is an important and potentially useful emotion that serves a purpose within certain situations. The purpose of innate fear within a life threatening situation is to ensure our survival. Our bodies will react quickly when our neurons are overloaded with the chemicals released by fear. This article is referring to our conditioned or learned fears, those fears that have no basis in ensuring our survival. Our conditioned fears are created by life experiences in the past or hypothetical circumstances that may present themselves in the future. Conditional fears reply upon a perception of danger or a threat to come.

Within modern society it is our conditioned fears are what challenge us and cause us the most discomfort. It is important to note that these conditioned fears reside in our emotional being and living purely in our emotional being can create a wild experience for us, with extreme highs and lows. The pendulum effect, swinging from one extreme to the other, plays out as we struggle to find the middle road.

Most people have a difficult time getting control of their emotional being. Our training has taught us to focus more on the mind and intellect, rather than the emotional being. When the emotional being is weak, emotions flood our consciousness and we are overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. It makes sense that it is difficult to make clear and sound decisions when we are not able to access the logical aspect of our being.

How do we gain control of our emotional being? We must learn how to calm the emotional center and neutralize the stress response. If we are not able to do this, then our conditioned fears will control our perception and look for other things to feed itself. Conditioned fear is an energy that we must learn to recognize, dance with (negotiate), respect and live in harmony. 

What bring up fear in you? Is it lack of some sort? Maybe you don’t have enough money, maybe your lacking companionship in your life? Is it something from your past or maybe just thinking about the future is scary. Whatever it is, most likely you’re afraid of uncertainty.

Uncertainty is the Achilles heal for most people. It is the one thing we try so hard to make certain and yet, without fail, uncertainty remains. Learning to become comfortable with uncertainty can and will change your life.

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life. It means fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do and no longer prevents you from taking action to initiate change.”
– Eckhart Toole

Becoming uncomfortable with uncertainty requires that we build a relationship with the energy of uncertainty, the feelings that arise when we feel uncertainty and the possibilities that uncertainty brings. You see, uncertainty is beyond your radar; it’s beyond what you can currently see. There is opportunity in uncertainty and you have to be willing to experience it to see those opportunities.

You can read more about uncertainty HERE.

For now, let’s continue with the challenge of releasing fear.

When we feel fear our body, mind and spirit contract; our thoughts are restricted to fear based reactions and often we either lash out at others or isolate ourselves. Of course, fear is a necessary response to any life threatening situation. However, our mind has a hard time telling the difference between an actual life threatening situation and something else that seems to threaten our sense of safety and security.

How we negotiate our fear is a vital factor in how we make decisions and those decisions determine our actions and ultimately how we move through our lives. Our ability to observe the feelings of fear and make objective decisions about that fear without getting completely overtaken by it will increase our chances of making sound decisions; decisions that ultimately will determine our experience. That experience will then inform future decisions when we encounter a similar situation later on.

When we are able to see beyond that fear, release it, surrender to what is, understand that the vast majority of the time, the fear we experience is not life threatening and most of the time, it is based on unmet expectations. So, what can we do to reduce or eliminate fear?

We must get control of your emotional being. Recognize the fear and call it out. When distressed, the emotional being relies the logical being for clarity. Use your logical mind to pinpoint where the source of the fear resides. Eventually, when you better understand your emotional and mental capabilities, you will be able to reach this point directly, but for now we can use this process. Practice over time will get you there and then you arrive, your inner wisdom will be leading the way. Until then here are steps to take to be able to truly be the captain of your own ship.

  1. Connect with and get control of your physical body. When we feel the emotion of fear our body responds with tension, shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, etc. These symptoms are the ones you can feel. Fear actually changes us on a cellular level as well. There are study’s illustrating the long term health effects of people who hold on to fear for long periods of time and the results are sickness and disease.

    • Breathe. Stop everything, close your eyes and breathe. When you experience fear, take the time to control your breath. There are many techniques and even some great apps that will guide you through a process of breath work that will calm your nervous system, stop the negative affects of fear and allow you to think more clearly. For starters, breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds and release through your mouth for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle 10 times. Notice how differently you feel. The fear may not be gone, but it will be diminished and you will be able to think more clearly.

    • Exercise. Do simple exercises to get your blood moving and move the energy of fear. Jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, sit ups are all good options. If you’re not up for those, then take a brisk walk or a light run. Moving the emotional energy will help you release yourself from the grip of fear gain more clarity so you can learn to respond to fear, rather than react.

  2. Observe your emotions and thoughts. By just observing and not doing anything to react or respond, you will give those negative thoughts and emotions time to move on. We know that everything in life is temporary and your fear is no exception. As you breathe with your eyes closed, imagine the fear moving along just as clouds move and transform in the sky. Visualize those clouds moving along. Only observe, do not think, do not try, etc.; the more you allow the fear to exist without doing anything about it, the more you provide yourself the opportunity to escape the negative effects on your mind, body and spirit. One day you ay be able to say… I used to be the clouds, now I am the sky.

  3. Engage your mind with intention. Now it’s time to conjure up some important questions without having expectations of the answers. Your job is to ask the questions and then listen for the answers. That’s it… ask and wait. Be curious, like a child. Be creative; think creatively and use your imagination. Some questions to ask:

    • What are the opportunities here? No matter what you may think, there are opportunities in every situation you find yourself in. Your job is to open up the available mental and emotional space to see them clearly. Remember that we experience life for the sole purpose of growth. Everything we experience offers us opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When we can truly embrace this concept, then our perception will shift and we will see with more clarity that there are, indeed, opportunities within every experience.

    • What if, then what? Ask yourself what if what I’m afraid of happens, then what’s next? Play through the worst case scenario in your mind and answer these questions from a place finding the best case scenario for your particular situation. Be solution focused when answering this question.

    • What would the awakened version of me do in this situation? I do believe we all have an inner wisdom that has the answers we are looking for. However, we all need to take time to listen to that voice that guides us. Developing a relationship with this inner voice will help you negotiate fear, worry and ultimately can inform every decision in your life.

    • Remind yourself that there is no one to blame for your situation. While it may be true that the words or actions of another may seem to have placed you in your current situation, placing blame or being angry with them does not change the situation. The only thing that can change this dynamic and allow you to use the situation to transform yourself is letting go of blame. Forgiveness is the key here. Remember, forgiving others is the best thing you can do for yourself. The secret…. Forgiveness is never for the other person, it’s for you. Forgiveness is your “Get Out of Jail Free’ card, use it.

    • Ask yourself, “What can I do to provide myself relief right now?”. Wait and listen to your inner voice, that one that you call your “gut” or your “intuition”.

So far, we have only discussed what we can do to get relief from anxiety and fear. For those of you ready to go beyond relief and actually release the fear, I challenge you to confront the cause of your fears, your belief system. Our belief system is compromised of learned concepts and our experiences. This has resulted in a certain programming that created a lens through which we see the world. In this way, the world revolves around us. We see in others, what we have within ourselves.

“You’re seeing people as you are, not as they are.
People are a reflection of your perception of you.”

– Anthony de Mello

We suffer from fear and other negative emotions because our programming has injected layers of expectations and unmet “needs” into our experience. We get upset when they are not met. The upset comes from your programming. If you react to relieve your negative feelings, as your self what is the predicable outcome. Most often it is more of the negative experience.

Happiness is never caused by anything.

True happiness has no cause.

It is not the fulfillment of desire. That feeling fades, happiness does not.

When nothing can hurt you, you’re happy.

Drop the fear.

Use the techniques listed above and let go of the fear.

Imagine that fear is clouds.

Clouds always pass and so shall the fear.

Today, you are the clouds, tomorrow you are the sky.

-Martin Klabunde

Click HERE to read an article on happiness. I go much deeper into what happiness is and how we can connect with it every minute of our existence. 🙂

If you want support on your journey, please reach out to me. As a transformational coach, my role is to support you on your journey of inner transformation by providing you reflections, tools and resources that will help you utilize your experiences in a way that allows you to raise your consciousness, expand your awareness, release any inner or outer blocks and create a strategy to move forward.

Transformational coaching is a philosophy that embodies the whole being of the client. It rests on the idea that we have all the answers we are looking for within us and when we tap into that vast pool of inner wisdom, we develop an inner knowing (our intuition) that guides us on our journey. It facilitates an internal energetic process that supports the client in developing greater self-awareness and overcome inner and outer blocks by examining their values, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and actions.

© 2020 by Martin Klabunde / Collective Awakening LLC

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