Portal Opening Drum Classes

Ever wanted to learn how to play the djembe AND also use it to connect with your cosmic memory of who you are? We are all cosmic travelers and many of us are searching for that connection to our spirit. In this class we will learn traditional West African Rhythms, contemporary rhythms and cosmic rhythms that will allow us to open up to that cosmic memory we all carry. We will use the drum and the rhythms to open a portal where we can connect with the cosmic energy to support healing of ourselves, others and mother earth. Instruments used are the djembe and dununs.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Work study programs are available.


Great experience and fantastic instructor/facilitator!

Great experience and fantastic instructor/facilitator! I love how Martin creates an open hearted environment where we all feel safe to let go, be vulnerable, release any inner blocks and connect with our spirit!


Sacred Drumming

Join us as we explore the invisible realms using the drum, mantras, singing and chanting. Together we honor mother earth, father sky and the four directions and open a portal to the spirit world. Each session will have a specific intention, whether that’s healing for a loved one, a part of the world, mother earth or to celebrate the full moon, new moon or the solstice.

Learning To Fly

Come to learn how to use the vibration of sound to travel the unseen worlds. Explore your ability to leave your body, engage your spirit and fly! Lay down, relax, let go and Fly! Live drumming is provided using a ceremonial Native American drum. 


We offer workshops on the following topics:

  • Music Is Medicine
  • The Healing Mind


We offer presentations on the following topics:

  • Indigenous Technology: music and the drum as a tool to connect to energy, the spirit realm and the collective consciousness.
  • Success Mindset: How to train your mind to work for you and create the life YOU desire!