Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

The ONE THING That Changes Everything…

to Start Living Your Life More Energized, Clear, Happy, and Fulfilled!!

Transformational coaching is a philosophy that embodies the whole being of the client. It rests on the idea that we have all the answers we are looking for within us and when we tap into that vast pool of inner wisdom, we develop an inner knowing (our intuition) that guides us on our journey. It facilitates an internal energetic process that supports the client in developing greater self-awareness and overcome inner and outer blocks by examining their values, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and actions.

Do you…

  • Experience too much stress and overwhelm?
  • Feel distracted and pulled in too many directions?
  • Experience a lack of direction, sense of floundering?
  • Have relationships that are filled with conflict, take too much effort, don’t meet expectations and/or are generally not as fulfilling as you want/desire?
  • Want to achieve something big in your life but don’t know exactly what or how to get started.
  • Want to make a specific change in your life because the status quo is no longer good enough?
  • Want to achieve a specific goal, such as:
    • To improve your confidence and how you live your life
    • To increase your level of personal productivity
    • To increase how much you enjoy your life.
  • Want to achieve a specific goal that you have had difficulty achieving previously; difficulty breaking thru.

Imagine having:


Greater Self Awareness.

More compassion for yourself and others.

A GREAT career, or business, or other professional endeavor.

GREAT relationships with your spouse, your family, and your friends.

A life completely filled with true happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.


You CAN achieve anything…
when you are equipped with the right knowledge.

Envision what a GREAT LIFE would look like for YOU



How ready are you to stop sacrificing the potential GREAT LIFE that is waiting for YOU?

How ready are you to take a glimpse at what is possible for YOU?

Transformational Coaching helps you to:

  • Discover the real cause of any and all stress in your life
  • Identify exactly what is supporting and what is limiting your success
  • Release any inner and/or outer blocks preventing you from achieving your goals

Transformational Coaching does this by:

  • Revealing your default tendencies
  • Showing exactly how your perceptions and beliefs are creating the results showing up in your life
  • Helping you to become a more self-aware individual and raising your consciousness so that you can consistently choose how to respond to your environment and get the results you desire.

If you are ready to explore these possibilities for yourself, then schedule your complimentary session today!

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Collective Awakening
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Greg Hassman on Collective Awakening

Martin was able to corral all the swirling thoughts in my head and dilute them down to just 2 objectives to work on and move forward. He exercised patience in his listening skills and only spoke or commented when needed or relevant. It’s obvious that he is blessed with the ability and vision to pinpoint obstacles that hinder life and re-direct thoughts back onto the appropriate path. Thanks for the re-alignment Martin!!

by Terry Little on Collective Awakening
Highly Recommended

My session with Martin was really worthwhile. I learned things I didn't know about myself, even after 20+ years of therapy and personal growth work. I found Martin to be respectful, kind, and helpful. By the end of the session, I had a new attitude and news tools to practice with. highly recommended!

by Angela Mourlam on Collective Awakening
Powerful & Freeing

Martin has given me the tools to rewrite my own story. To be kind to the young girl that had to grow up fast and rewrite my story from there. It is a powerful tool. It is an emotional tool, and it the most exhilarating feeling to know something like Collective Awakening exists to get those who are open and willing to complete clarity and greatness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

by Juliana Rose on Collective Awakening
Very knowledgeable and compassionate approach.

Martin has a way of quickly getting to what we sometimes refer to as the crux of the matter. We quickly reduced an astounding number of issues down into an equation upon which he guided me in building a variety of approaches to emotional freedom and action in my life. And my issues were heavy. I feel I have been provided both concrete and metaphysical tools to utilize in cracking the code of what currently is interfering with my success in procuring my desires. And this was in one session. I look forward to doing this, my work and in benefitting from his guidance. Very knowledgeable and compassionate approach. I felt I got 100% focus and was heard.

by Lori Carroll on Collective Awakening
Awesome and Honest

Martin is great at getting to the root of the problem. He offers compassionate encouragement at the surface level then can drill deeper to help see what is really going on. He gives specific, relevant real-world, real time assignments that can unravel the spiritual side of life.

by Peggy Banks on Collective Awakening
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Martin is very kind, understanding and patient. I feel like I now know what areas to focus on have some tools to use. Thanks so much!!!

by Jeanine Whittaker on Collective Awakening
Impactful and Powerful Coaching!

I reached out to Martin a few months back as I was struggling with personal issues that were affecting my life and business negatively daily. I felt stuck and couldn’t seem to get out of my way to move on.

Martin was ready to jump into our session right from the start, naturally met me where I was, and took me to the next level of success during our 1st session. He offered clear and specific ideas, resources, and action steps that I have already started implementing. I am now reconnecting with myself, learning to live life with intention and gaining positive energy daily. If your looking to become a more effective leader, growing your business to next level or just want to reestablish clarity and purpose in your life I highly recommend Martin. Its clear to me that he sincerely cares and enjoys helping others succeed, and I look forward to working with Martin to further my growth!

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