Couples Transformational Coaching

Couples Coaching

When things get tough…

Together, you learn how to communicate, negotiate, serve and love unconditionally.

Move Your Relationship From Surviving to THRIVING!

Sometime ago you made a commitment to that one person that inspired you to be the best version of you; the person that kept you up at night and waking early in the morning. Then, somewhere along the way, life started happening and you realized your relationship needed a kind of attention that you weren’t equipped to provide. At the very least, you have realized that the kind of attention you are giving it isn’t working.

Do you…

  • Find yourself in arguments that really aren’t important?
  • Say things you regret?
  • Experience loneliness within your relationship?
  • Have a relationship that is filled with conflict
  • Feel that your relationship takes too much effort?
  • Find your relationship doesn’t meet your expectations?
  • Find that your relationship is not as fulfilling as you want/desire?
  • Feel misunderstood frequently?
  • Feel jealous of your partner?
  • Feel unheard?

Do you…

  • Want to be able to communicate more effectively
  • Want to be understood?
  • Want to make a specific change in your relationship because the status quo is no longer good enough?
  • Want peace and balance?
  • Want to experience the love you once had with your partner?
  • Want to love and be loved… deeply and unconditionally?

Most of us need new tools and many need a new perspective. My coaching style is honest, transparent, solution focused and most of all… I focus on how your thoughts and emotions have produced your current results. I truly believe that when we focus on what we can control and our thoughts and emotions are in alignment with our values and priorities, then we bring forth a world where we have access to a higher level of knowledge that grants us the awareness to know how to respond, rather then react and know how create the relationship experience you both desire.

My Couples Transformational Coaching program helps you to:

  • Reconnect with your partner
  • Cultivate forgiveness & loving communication
  • Get your needs met
  • Feel understood
  • Release past hurts
  • Create a meaningful & fulfilling experience
  • Have fun again!

Now imagine… picture yourself living a life so full of meaning, fulfillment, connection and intimacy with your partner, that you can’t imagine calling it quits, ever!

Imagine waking up every morning saying:

“I am so blessed to be in this relationship!”

Imagine having:

  • A GREAT relationship with your spouse, where you feel happy, loved, supported and inspired!
  • A relationship completely filled with true happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

You and your partner CAN achieve anything… when you are equipped with the right knowledge, tools and resources.

Envision what a GREAT LIFE would look like for both of YOU!

How ready are you to stop sacrificing the potential GREAT LIFE that is waiting for YOU?

How ready are you to take a glimpse at what is possible for YOU?

Your Willingness to Address Difficult Issues, Be Vulnerable, Take Responsibility and Serve Your Partner will Change Everything!

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