The Art of Inner Peace

The Art of Inner Peace

By Martin Klabunde


Being human is a gift. The time we have here on Earth is a special time for us as individuals and as a community of physical beings. We are here to learn how to raise our consciousness both individually and collectively. We all seek inner peace, happiness and are searching to experience the joys of life in all that we do, yet, for many of us, it seems that they are not as accessible as we would like. How can we unlock our own inner wisdom that will provide us the answers we have been looking for and live that life we have desired for so long? The answer is simple and yet, we may find ways to make it complicated and out of reach as long as we continue to search outside ourselves for the answers.

As humans, we have a great deal of tools available to us. If we are able to shift our perception and develop emotional agility, then we will recognize them and be able use them to guide us towards the freedom we all seek. Our emotions are a powerful indicator of where are at currently. They reflect back to us our perception of the world and our place within it. The extreme polarity of our emotions allows us to create experiences that offer us opportunities for inner transformation and to cultivate inner peace.

Happiness and joy are fleeting and often related to outer experiences. We have all heard and said, “this or that makes me happy” or “I feel happy or joyful when I do this or that”. Inner peace is a state of being that is stable, constant and long term. When we cultivate inner peace, we no longer experience the extreme highs and lows that our emotions dictate, our perceptions become clearer and we are able to be intentional and strategic about how we think and act.

We all have the ability to cultivate inner peace and when we do, our self-awareness increases and we develop a foundation for compassion, gratitude, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional love. Above all, our quality of life increases; we feel a sense of purpose and we have engaged energy for everything that we do. Now wouldn’t that be awesome? I can feel that freedom now, just thinking about it!

The key to this freedom is awareness and action. First, we must develop a higher perception of and understand our energy and emotions. There are two types of energy, anabolic and catabolic. Anabolic describes energy that is positive, constructive, and growth oriented. It helps you move forward to achieve positive, successful results. Using anabolic energy allows you to have a more complete and conscious view of what is going on around you, and to more easily come up with solutions and innovations. Catabolic describes energy that is draining, destructive, and harmful to you and those around you. This type of energy works against you and can prevent you from achieving your fullest potential.

When we feel catabolic energy via emotions such as anger, envy, jealousy and shame we are being shown an opportunity to shift that energy into a more anabolic state using awareness and specific tools and resources such as creativity, imagination and intuition. These tools or technologies are available to us every moment of every day and learning how to harness the power of them will change your perception and change your life.

Our current level of awareness has been determined by what we have learned up until this point. If we want to learn, grow and transform further, then we have to open ourselves up to new ideas, tools and resources. We ought to be intentional and strategic about our mental, emotional and spiritual development. As a transformational coach, my role is to support you on your journey of inner transformation by providing you reflections, tools and resources that will help you utilize your experiences in a way that allows you to raise your consciousness, expand your awareness, and release any inner or outer blocks that are currently limiting your inner peace.

Transformational coaching is a philosophy that embodies the whole being of the client. It rests on the idea that we have all the answers we are looking for within us and when we tap into that vast pool of inner wisdom, we develop an inner knowing (our intuition) that guides us on our journey. It facilitates an internal energetic process that supports the client in developing greater self-awareness and overcome inner and outer blocks by examining their values, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and actions.

Martin’s coaching is strategic and intuitive. This approach allows his clients to reflect deeply, access their inner wisdom, rewire their thinking and make decisions that are solution focused and in alignment with their values. He provides a clear space for his clients to grow, change, and transform into the best version of themselves and create a meaningful, productive and fulfilling life!


Martin is accepting new clients for individual and couples transformational coaching. To find out more, please visit or call (520) 245-4547 to schedule your free 30-minute consultation today! Don’t wait, the quality of your life experiences depends on it!

Martin Klabunde is a Certified Professional Coach that specializes in individual and couples transformational coaching and Energy Leadership™ coaching. He is also a mentor, public speaker, author and musician. Martin has over 20 years of experience in coaching, team building, leadership development, mentoring and communication development and has spent many years practicing a deep spiritual path with the indigenous people of West Africa and Central Mexico.


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We are the ones

We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

by Martin Klabunde

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We have all heard that phrase and many of us have used it to further our growth. Let us not underestimate the truth and power in this statement. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for. I propose that each of us holds the key to our own freedom and the freedom of all beings on earth and throughout the cosmos. Many, physical and non-physical, are learning to expand our awareness, raise our consciousness and empower that universal life force energy that sustain us all. There are some who do not understand compassion; they lack the ability to experience empathy and have difficulties utilizing compassion. There are many who are watching us; to learn from our triumphs and our mistakes. It is up to us to support the expansion of anabolic energies, such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness, tolerance and unconditional love. How we feel, how we think and what we do has a tremendous impact on not only our experience on earth, but impacts beings across the universe. Remember, they are watching us; learning from us and integrating the lessons we learn from.

We came here to create experiences from which to learn from. The 3rd dimension is very rigid. The energy here is slow so that we may be able to experience the results of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions in a very concrete way. The results are often instant and our bodies reflect those results quickly. We have a significant challenge in front of us. We are trapped in the physical world and have forgotten our cosmic memory. By that, I mean that we have forgotten that we are also energy and created from the same energy we find in all things.

Our perception has been contained in the 3rd dimension. Why? I suspect that many of us would leave this planet if we could at some point in our lives. Think about that. If you remembered that you are cosmic energy and could, at will, leave your body and go “home”, would you do it? For many, the answer is YES, in a heartbeat. That would defeat the purpose of us being here; to use our experiences to not only raise our consciousness, but the consciousness of the universe. So, to remedy this and to truly serve the needs of the universe, we have forgotten who we truly are. This is an essential component of our evolution and the evolution of the universe.

What if…

What if we realized that leaving our bodies does not put us in a place that is “better” than where we are now? What if our experience then is just different, but not better? Does judgement of this kind exist after we leave our bodies or is that judgement a construct of our human thinking, logic or desires? How would this realization change the way we think about ourselves and the “afterlife”?

What if you realized how powerful you really are? I mean what if you knew that by experiencing both pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, contentment and discontent, love and fear, you are learning how to raise your consciousness. In fact, both sides of an experience hold the same value. They are equally important and equally valuable. How would your perception change? How would your beliefs change? How would your experience of suffering change? There is freedom here and its always been here for us. We often choose to suffer; sometimes intentionally and other times we suffer because we are not aware of the dynamics and nature of being human. We have lost the connection to our spirit. We have created gods, deities, dogma to soothe ourselves and create some sense of meaning and purpose. We engage the concept of devotion, but what are we devoted to? We use our religions to justify hate, war, violence and the destruction of the “other”; those who choose to believe in a god other than ours.

We are asleep and trapped in our own limited perceptions and we have taken our perceptions as being true for us? What if there was more than meets the eye? What if there was a bigger picture than what we have been taught. It’s not a surprise that we have evolved as we have. I mean, we have learned from others who are also asleep so it makes sense that we have embraced so many illogical ideologies that, if we really feel what they do to us, make no sense at all.

So, what to do?

There is only one thing that is required of us to truly empower us into our full potential… Wake Up! Well, that is easier said than done. Why? It requires so many of us to release our old beliefs and if we are pushed to do that we will protest. Why? Because our perception of comfort is based on our current beliefs and dismantling those beliefs will be uncomfortable for many. We will have to redefine almost everything and that’s scary for most people. We will have to let go of the illusion of certainty, which is at the core of our comfort zone. We will have to let go of the need for acceptance by other humans (who are also asleep). We will need to break the cycle of ego-tourism on Earth. We are not here to prove anything to anyone or to be better or more than anyone. We are here to be messengers for the collective consciousness and we have a responsibility to raise our consciousness by experiencing the range of emotions that are available to us. The more intentional we are about observing our experience and learning from it, the more we grow, experience those “pleasant” emotions and fulfill our duties as humans.

Moving forward…

We have certain and specific technologies that are available to us. Creativity, Imagination and Intuition are just a few that, if engaged and used intentionally, can support us in our awakening. Consider that these are, in fact, technologies that allow us to access that part of ourselves that holds the key to remembering our cosmic memory. When that happens, everything changes. We no longer search for meaning in life, as we have found it through the opening that door of perception. Meaning has come to us and we realize searching for it is the exact thing that has kept it so illusive. Meaning has been here all along. It is when we engage our inner tools we see clearly it was always within. We will never search outside ourselves again.

We do have tools and technologies outside of ourselves that will also support us in awakening. Think about creativity, imagination and intuition. What activities support you with engaging those? For me it is music and drumming, for others it may be writing, painting, drawing, sports, etc. Most anything that allows you to step out of occidental thinking and into that space we call “The Flow”; where you’re not thinking and acting purely from a place of creativity, imagination and intuition. I encourage all of you to spend more time in that space. Prioritize that time daily, it is more valuable than you have been giving it. It is your responsibility to be child like again, to experience the freedom, inner peace, contentment and compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love that you are capable of.


-Martin Klabunde


The Little Ones

The Little Ones

by Martin Klabunde

“The petals of the flowers tremble silently as the strings of the harp are played for the little ones. Just arriving, they are fresh and scared. The music soothes the spirit as they wait for guidance. Finally the directions are given and the little ones scurry off to their new home in music. Music is the best place to be, the most cherished place for little ones to serve and how they serve is not questioned or even talked about. They know the power of music and they know that to speak of it might limit its potential to heal the universe. The little ones reside in every note the healer plays, chants, and sings. They are the catalyst for transformation. The little ones are divine love.”


From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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Non- Dualism


by Martin Klabunde

“This idea of non-dualism is important and relevant; it is a step forward in the evolution of the spirit. It is not the end goal of the spirit. The spirit is capable of much more than occupying space in the vast universe and beyond. Our spirits do not desire to reach enlightenment for the sake of reaching enlightenment. Our spirits desire to be of service to that which it is a part of, the divine, and the sacred – unconditional love. The sincere motivation to be of service will take us to the appropriate states of awareness that we need in order to take action.”  – Martin Klabunde


Transformational Coaching can support you on your journey to oneness by helping you release any inner or outer blocks and provide you with a new perspective on the reality you would like to create. Martin is a certified Transformational Coach and may be available to support you on an ongoing basis.

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Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of the Past

by Martin Klabunde

How do we let go of the past?

We can practice being here and now. We have nowhere else to be. We are here, so why resist the present moment? Resistance to anything will bring suffering.

The past may contain negative experiences and events that we have attached negative emotions to. The events will always remain in the past, however, we tend to bring the past emotions into the present. Leave them in the past, they are worthless in the present.

Have a conversation with the past. Ask the past what it has to teach you. Ask the past to inform you of life’s opportunities. The past is there for you, to support you, to teach you, and to allow you to grow and transform into a new being, with new messages for the world and a new way of being. If the past reminds you of your failures, your mistakes, your shortcomings and your insecurities, then forgive with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities to see more clearly who you are, unlimited love. You are unlimited love.


Transformational Coaching can support you in letting go of traumatic past experiences and any inner blocks that may have been created from that experience. Martin is a certified Transformational Coach and may be available to support you on an ongoing basis.

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We Can use Music to Transcend Adversity & Internal Conflict

How does music offer the possibility of transcendence
over adversity or internal conflict?

by Martin Klabunde

Play music and you are in love. How can one play music and be in conflict. Music is a perfect balance between the sound and the silence. How can this balance create conflict internally? When we play music we a creating a bridge over any troubles we may have and certainly we transcend any internal conflict we struggle with. Music offers us permission to leave the troubles behind, for good. Music does not say, “just for now, you may be peaceful, but later you may struggle”.

Music tells us that we may always have the peace we desire when we are playing music. That inner peace is with us always, it is up to us to recognize and engage it. Peace waits patiently, and eternally. Music reminds us of who we are; it tempts us to remember our cosmic memory of many lifetimes. Music burns away the layers of struggle and leads us to an inner sanctuary. Forget any struggle, for there is no struggle. Play music and enjoy life, there is nothing more to do.


From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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The Spiritual Musician

The Spiritual Musician

by Martin Klabunde

When music is played by the hands of the illuminated, it will bring all peoples into an age of peace and unity. The spiritual musician plays with his heart and the listener listens with his heart. Spiritual music is a stream of consciousness that reflects the inner state of the spiritual musician. The spiritual musician opens doors to sacred spaces and provides access to sacred wisdom of the eternal now. The consciousness of the musician is absorbed by the listener. Music that is created in the spirit world and brought through the spiritual musician manifests to create powerful medicine for the listener. Music that is created this way can help the listener engage the imagination in powerful and meaningful ways. This kind of inspired and sacred music infuses the imagination with the awareness of expanded perception and allows the listener to perceive beyond what is normally possible. The listener can more easily receive message from his/her inner being and other beings in alternate dimensions.

The spiritual musician has a responsibility to the highest spiritual Masters to relinquish any desires and to completely let go of any identity that (s)he may have carried. The spiritual musician is no longer considered to be a individual, (S)he is a part of the universal cosmic message that music carries. (S)he is a messenger of the cosmic message of unconditional and unlimited love. The spiritual musician has died into the music and is born into the message.

From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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Music is Medicine

Music Is Medicine

Transforming Energy with Sound

by Martin Klabunde

What a beautiful existence we have as human beings. This wonderful reality of existing in both the physical and spiritual realms simultaneously offers us so many opportunities to deepen our connection to the divine inside each of us. Life is a mirror, a barometer of sorts that presents us with direct experiences that tell us exactly where our spiritual evolution lies. Being human presents us with very clear results that are beneficial when we seek to evolve to a deeper and more meaningful existence. Our human experience is the foundation for future nonphysical endeavors. What we remember here, we will carry with us after our physical body returns to the earth.

Our spirit carries all the knowledge and wisdom we need to elevate to higher levels of consciousness while in this body. This life provides us opportunities to remember this wisdom and integrate it into our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and we have powerful tools of transformation to help us with this adventure of inner exploration. As we walk the path of our inner being, we begin to develop a deeper awareness, detachment, clear intuition and wisdom. We begin to clearly hear the voice of a Master in each of us. This inner guide offers us Sacred Wisdom, and if we choose to listen, our perception transforms, allowing the problems and challenges we experience to fade away.

So, how can we begin to experience the freedom of Sacred Wisdom and the Master Within? How can we create an expanded awareness, a deeper perception, or act with wisdom? How can we remember our history as cosmic walkers, where we are going and how we are going to get there? How can we begin our own transformative path when life seems to be moving so fast or when we just don’t know where to begin?

We need something that reminds us of our mission on earth, something that speaks directly to our soul and our spirit and something that helps us stay on track. There is something that resides in both the physical and the spiritual domains that does just that; it is a language that every human understands and that can connect us to a power greater than ourselves. It is music. Music lives in the invisible until we connect with it and bring it into the physical. When we listen to or play music, we connect to our inner being and transport our awareness to unseen dimensions. This experience will alter our perception just enough so that we provide ourselves the opportunity to unite with our inner being. Music is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the seen and the unseen, the mortal and the immortal.

Music provides a path of becoming and a powerful tool for connecting with our cosmic memory of the spirit worlds. Music is the language of the spirit; it transcends all spoken languages and connects all humans on an intuitive and spiritual level. Music speaks to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and provides us a direct connection to spirit. When we play music in a sacred context, we can discover the Master Within and offer ourselves the opportunity to conspire with the Great Spirit to be a servant to humanity, the Earth and other spirits. If we can remember how to use music for our spiritual evolution, we will have connected with one of the most powerful forms of cosmic communication known to humans.

Music is the medicine, we are the doctors and the world is the patient. Music is a language that the spirit understands clearly, and it resides in a place deep within us that is protected from the constructs of the mind. Music speaks through metaphors, anecdotes and stories. When we listen to or play music, we are free to leave the mundane world and allow our spirits to fly and to access the wisdom needed to experience balance, peace, contentment and serenity. When we play music, we have the opportunity to write our story. We are free to consider, dream and live the possibilities. Maybe, just maybe, we will see that the dream is here and now and that the possibilities are endless.

Music opens doors to other dimensions and offers us access to the knowledge and wisdom contained there. Music is also our interpreter when we travel to these dimensions. Our mind is not equipped to translate the message waiting for us there, but music is a language that is bidirectional. We can use it to communicate and receive the messages the mind cannot perceive. Music opens pathways to and from our spirit center, or our inner being. Our inner being does not use the mind; rather, it uses energy to gain knowledge and information. Music provides the information highway from our inner being to the universal life-force consciousness that contains all we need to evolve. This is not an external highway; it does not lead us outside ourselves. Rather, it leads us deeper inside our being, to a collective consciousness where we all exist together, complete, pure and one.

Music is a manifestation of an inner sound, a cosmic sound that exists inside each of us. This inner sound reflects cosmic vibrations and connects us to the universe and each other. Here we must differentiate between audible sound and cosmic sound. All people can hear audible sounds, whereas cosmic sound can be heard by those who practice deep levels of detachment and transform their perceptions of the mundane world—by those who can see and hear beyond the veil of the material, those who see with inner eyes and hear with inner ears. Audible sound is a reflection of cosmic vibrations or sound—the source of all life.

Music is an essential part of life and a force that can create transformation inside the individual, the community and the world. Music is the intentional use of sound and silence and offers us the possibility to experience the spiritual physically and the physical spiritually. It is a bridge between space and time. As humans, we can access the dimension of time, and this allows us the opportunity to use music to access other dimensions. For example, the folkloric and traditional lullabies of every culture give agency to the notion of the dreamtime and our existence in other dimensions. Many of us can remember the kind of dreams we had when the voice of the lullaby escorted us to other realms. The music soothed our soul and healed our hearts; we interacted with other beings, received messages and brought back a sense of comfort to the physical world.

Sound waves are vehicles of energy capable of carrying more than just sound. We can infuse sound with our intentions of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, humility and unconditional love. These are powerful tools that can heal and transform. This is sound with a soul! Music provides us a vehicle for the manifestation of cosmic sound. Playing music within this sacred context is a powerful spiritual tool, and infusing sound with pure intentions offers us the possibility of connecting to the divine inside each of us. Music played in collaboration with pure intention can create a potent recipe for inner transformation. Music has the power to move us out of negative emotional states and into places of opportunity and possibility.

All of us are seeking healing, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, and music plays an important part in that healing; it allows us to move into the spirit world, where healing occurs. Music affects the body directly through cells and organs and indirectly through emotions, which, in turn, also affects the cells and organs. Music can affect our energy, our nervous system and our digestion. Music can add to our clarity of consciousness and strengthen our life-force energy. These functions of music allow for us to co-create a powerful message of healing. When we set the intention to participate in healing, we transport ourselves to the space of the immortal—the dimensions of immortality. This is where the message of healing is created. We can use music combined with our pure intention to deliver the message back to the physical world. Intention combined with music is a powerful connection to our Spirit, and intention comes from the core of who you are, beyond the mind. Intentions are actions in the unseen world and create powerful results when combined with music. They transform energy and can manifest transformation in the physical realm if that is what is needed. Our most powerful and productive intention originates from the heart, which is connected to our Spirit.

Listening to music connects our perception to open streams of consciousness that provide possibilities of freedom and self-realization. Negative emotional states are closed and caged states of consciousness. Music combined with sincere intention opens these closed states and creates an open flow, allowing our perceptions to create a path to emotional freedom. In this way, music helps us break free of old patterns and unwanted habits.

Music teaches us to be in the present moment. Music asks us to fully commit to her whenever we engage her loving arms. Music teaches us to view our world with invisible eyes and hear with invisible ears. She demands that we speak in poetry rather than linear words. Music holds a mirror to our perception of self and others and asks that we see through a lens of clarity. Music asks bold action in life and requests that we take risks, stopping at nothing for freedom and love. Music gives us direct knowledge of all that is.

Playing Music for Inner Transformation

Music is a vehicle for the messages that the whole person needs to evolve spiritually. That message comes from the universe, the place that resides deep within our spirit and is mirrored in every galaxy and star system beyond our imagination. Play music and you are in love. How can one play music and be in conflict? Music is a perfect balance between the sound and the silence. How can this balance create conflict internally? When we play music, we are creating a bridge over any troubles we may think we have, and certainly we transcend any internal conflict we struggle with. Music offers us permission to leave the troubles behind, for good. Music does not say, “Just for now you may be peaceful, but later you may struggle.” Music tells us that we may always have the peace we have when we are playing music. That inner peace is with us always; it is up to us to recognize and engage it. Peace waits patiently, and eternally. Music reminds us of who we are; it tempts us to remember our cosmic memory of many lifetimes. Music burns away the layers of struggle and leads us to an inner sanctuary. Forget any struggle, for there is no struggle.

When we play music, we are offered the possibility to see the world from a perspective of unity, love and serenity.

Music is a powerful infusion of energy, intention and sound. It can be used to open the energy centers of our body and allow for a larger capacity to contain and manage energy. The energy that music uses or the frequencies that music resides in are the same frequencies stored in our energy centers, or chakras. The chakras help us receive, regulate and use energy. A combination of music, energy and intention can be arranged and sequenced so that it may aid in clearing and opening our chakras. It can also be a powerful way to keep our whole being healthy, clear and aware. Clearing our energy centers provides a foundation for clarity on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Music allows our peripheral perceptions to become more visible, and we are able to see through the veil of the material world into the depths of the spiritual worlds. Music is an elixir for the mind; it allows the mind to drop its protective layers and expose what resides deep inside itself. Music is the lullaby that allows the mind to let down its protective barrier just long enough that we may enter into the nucleus. It soothes the mind and coaxes it into relaxing and revealing its vulnerability. Then it slowly dismantles the mind, like picking the petals from a flower to reveal the innermost center. What is revealed is beautiful and vulnerable. For so long we have been saying this is a process of no-mind. Now it is a process of melting with what is at the nucleus: nothing, emptiness. It has all been a great façade, the mind creating one illusion after another. We should never underestimate the power of music!

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© 2012 by Martin Klabunde. Martin is an author, speaker, an international musician and founder of Collective Awakening. This article is excerpted from his book, Music Is Medicine: Accessing Sacred Wisdom From The Master Within. He has achieved excellence in playing the adungu (bowl harp from Uganda), the akogo (thumb piano from Uganda), the djembe (drum from Mali and Guinea, West Africa, and the Australian didgeridoo. He performs sacred music with his wife, Wing Man Rita Law, Ph.D. To see and hear more visit

From the book, Music Is Medicine by Martin Klabunde

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No Peace in Opposition

There is No Peace in Opposition

St. Germain on Peace

If you truly desire Peace on Earth, then BE Peace on Earth
Channeled January 3, 2001 by Donna Simelunas


Peace is a state of being … being in the present in harmony and balance with all things.

Peace exists in the space between the Light and the Dark. It is the perfect balance between the polarities.

Peace is an understanding of both sides of the polarity and does not find opposition in anything.

Peace knows no opposition. God knows no opposition. God does not oppose Itself.

However, in your free will, humanity has the option to oppose itself – or to create the balance and perfection of the God-Source within. It is only in the illusion of separation that one can choose opposition.

Fear – another illusion – creates opposition. Every opposition is motivated by fear. It is an ever-perpetual spiral downward until the time comes that you have had enough fear and opposition and you allow the Light of the Mighty I Am Presence to shine forth, shifting your fear and opposition to balance and love. When you make the choice to surrender your oppositions, you have made the choice to surrender to your God-Self.

If you stand in a place of kindness and goodness, but you push and rebel against the opposite – that being, for example, hatred and war – then you are in opposition. In this place of opposition you are engaging in the same energy of hatred and war. Ah, but you say, “It is for peace that we oppose war.” But I say to you, peace knows no opposition. Peace is as peace does. If you say you are peaceful, but you harp on about your brother and the wrong thing he did or did not do, then you are not in peace. If you use your time fighting the system, rebelling against the injustices of the world and competing with your brother, then you are not in peace.

Polarizing every situation into right and wrong, good and bad, black and white does not create peace. Where there is opposition there is no peace.

You say you want peace. To have peace you must be peace. You must come to know peace intimately within your heart flame. The only way to be peace is to allow others to have their experience, however dark you may deem it to be, and in your peace, their darkness does not affect you. And you see within them the peace, the light, the love of the Christ, that being their true nature that you know and recognize in your peaceful awareness. If you do not resonate with a behavior, an attitude, an authority, an action or a judgment of another, it is worthy to note your disharmony or non-resonance. It is worthy perhaps to even voice your feeling of disharmony, to inform those behaving in such manner that their actions do not resonate with you. You may in good conscience and awareness impart your wisdom and demonstrate perhaps a more balanced way. These actions would be in balance with peace. They are in peace-making. However, be wary of the time you feel the bile churn in your solar plexus and you feel the fury of discontent burn within you to bring right action to those at war, to those you oppose. Your fury and righteous action are not actions of peace.

They are opposition in action. Peace is as peace does. It knows no opposition.

“But to sit back and do nothing cannot serve,” you say. This may be true. But to oppose only creates more war. So what does one do? Peace is as peace does. Be at peace and you will have peace. Live peace, be peace, breathe peace, see peace, imagine peace.

Do not justify your opposition in the name of peace. The peace of Heaven requires no battle or justification. To bring Heaven to Earth you must simply surrender to that which is your true nature. The I Am Presence within all souls knows no opposition. It knows only peace.

As you armor yourself against the opposition, you shield yourself from the Love and Light that you are. You cloak the light within, holding it in darkness, and then you become that which you are opposing. As you view those at war and accuse them of being evil, you then become evil in your accusation. If you put peace at the other end, the “opposite” of evil, then you will never attain it. As in the opposite there is opposition, there is polarity, duality, which brings you deeper into third-density reality. When war is sought to accomplish peace it is only creating more opposition.

Peace is sought but not found because it cannot be sought – it can only be experienced. Peace is as peace does. It is the lower mind, the human ego, that uses fear to create opposition to distract you from realizing that Light which you are. Opposition is a human construct. We say to you, dissolve it! It serves you not! Focus your attention on peace and you will create more of it. Focus your attention on opposition and you will only create more of that. Understand you, that health, happiness, love, joy and ecstasy are products of inner peace. Disease, lack, criticisms, struggle and pain are the products of opposition. And what do you do with all those things? In your efforts to right them you continue to oppose them.

On the surface you may say, “I am a peaceful person and I oppose nothing.”

We urge you to look deep within with purity of heart and honesty. Allow yourself to be free of all of those self-imposed inflictions of opposition. In the world of polarity many operate from a place of acute criticism and judgment, declaring this the right way and that the wrong way. Creating vast extremes of right and wrong. Extending the polarity further out each time a new extreme of right is realized, and then the polar opposite extreme of wrong is realized. The pendulum swings endlessly between extremes of these opposing forces, and further drives the opposition.

There is a distorted balance in the righting of the wrongs. When the pendulum stops swinging and lies still between the polarity of right and wrong, Dark and Light, good and evil, then there is peace. Peace lies between the polarity, not to one side of it. As long as you judge one way or the other as being right or wrong, you will not have peace. When you live your life in opposition, opposed to this or that, opposed to the government, economics, materialism, politics – whatever it may be – you are not in peace. Even if the intention of your opposition is peace, you are not living peace when you are in opposition.

Anything you view as wrong is an opposition. That may be difficult for many to accept, perhaps because it reveals the Truth of one being – or not being – consciously aligned with the Higher Source. And that is all right. Your path will eventually lead you to peace. Peace knows itself to be balance and harmony, and that is your natural state of being which your I Am is constantly inviting you to experience.

Seek peace within yourself. Uncover those areas where you hold opposition within your being. Uncover the core cause of your opposition and then make peace with it. If you are opposed to something because of an injustice done to you, make peace with that injustice. In that action you are at peace.

You are not at peace until you have made peace within your own being.

Yes, there is injustice and yes, there is right action, but the time for battle and opposition has ended. The time for quiet peace has commenced.

When you can love – truly love – that which opposes you, without reacting in fear but responding instead with love, then your world will be transformed and return to its true nature: peace.

Be just in your own life. Be fair. Consider all of the consequences of your actions. Be conscious of the cause and effect – not only the effect on you, but the effect on all else, the effect on the whole. If whatever you do does not resonate with peace on all levels, than we say to you that you are not in peace. If this be the case, then your words of peace are mere lip service. You cannot create in the outer world that which you do not resonate within.

Your choices in all that you do, think and speak are the truth of your state of consciousness. Make not an allegory or a fantasy of peace. It is not something that will drop down from the heavens upon you and wash away all of humanity’s nasty creations. Live peace within you now and it will rise up around you and transform even the darkest demonstration of opposition. Live peace now with every breath. Breathe it into life. There is great power in peace, and in peace there lies the solution to all things that do not harmonize with peace.

If you truly desire peace on Earth then be peace on Earth. Honor the Earth. Honor each other. Stop fighting. Stop opposing. Stop judging. Stop competing. Stop finding fault. Begin loving. Begin caring. Begin acting in awareness, in consciousness, in compassion. Speak peace, think peace, act peacefully. Dream peace. Be at peace.

Dream of a time, a place, a way of living that exemplifies peace – a Utopia if you will – cooperation, peace, love, harmony, joy, and balance. In the dream of peace, solutions to all the problems of your world will be found and made manifest.

If you desire peace you must become peace. So be in peace. Recognize when you are in opposition and then ask your Christ Self, “What am I opposing? If all things are God and I am God, then why am I opposing myself? Help me to find peace. I surrender my opposition.”

In order to raise your consciousness, you must find peace between the Dark and the Light. Many of you have the perspective that peace lies in the whitest light. And indeed there is peace found there. However, the purest light cannot and will not be attained until all energy is reconciled and understood. That reconciliation and understanding lies in the space between the polarity, the place of equality and balance, the place where peace is found. Peace is neither one polarity nor the other, it is the balance of both.

When you go out about your world and you observe the polarity and the distortions but you are at peace within yourself, you bring with your peace the gifts of renewal, of hope, of change, of peace, harmony, and rainbows. However, if when you observe the polarity and the distortions you focus on all of the injustice and the lack of peace, well, then you have lost your peace, and you create that on which you focus. You will know you have found peace when you can sit amongst those who oppose you and accept their perception with compassion. And in your truth and balanced knowing you demonstrate your balance and peace without opposing what appears to be the opposition. When you walk in the world and imagine peace and focus on the peace that is becoming, then you are creating peace.

Review your life. Where are you in peace? Where are you in opposition? Bring peace to your own opposing forces and the world will mirror that peace to you. If you look outside for peace and only find opposition, this is a clue that there is opposition within. Your outer world reflects your inner world. When you are at peace, the world will be in peace with you.

How many of you does it take to walk in peace without opposition before the rest of the world responds? We say to you, dear ones, that it takes a lot fewer that you think.

Do not disregard even the most minute gesture of peace, for in one moment a pure demonstration of love and peace could change the world and create miracles within it. It could disintegrate weapons before your eyes, it could stop bullets mid-air, it could even melt the darkest heart of a war monger. It truly is that simple. Love and peace create love and peace.

We ask you from our heart not to be discouraged by that which is being out-pictured in your world. The distortions through which much has been created will come to peace. You all carry peace within you. Peace is Truth. It is who you are. But you will not bear witness to this peace descending upon you out of the ethers, as it is up to you to create its manifestation. We implore you to create peace in all aspects of your life.

Make peace significant in your own life. Bring peace into your own awareness. Be a bringer of peace and you will soon see peace all around you and others will follow your lead, and then you will have a world at peace.

A Divine Demonstration, indeed.

Love one another and peace shall prevail. Drop your oppositions, your competitions, your inner wars. As you become peace you create peace. Be Love, and you create Love. Be in opposition and – well, you know the rest.

We love you and we leave you in peace, to ponder peace. May peace be with you in your hearts, your minds and your manifestations.

I AM Peacefully at your service,

St. Germain

The Virtue of Forgiveness

The Virtue of Forgiveness

Forgiveness resides in Unconditional and Unlimited Love. There must be a sincere desire and pure intention to cultivate a deep dense of love, compassion, humility and gratitude

Three Levels of Forgiveness

  • Level I: Decisional Forgiveness, in which we are making a cognitive decision to forgive.
  • Level II: Emotional forgiveness, in which negative emotions, such as resentment, bitterness, hostility, hatred anger and fear are replaced with love, compassion, gratitude and humility. Emotional forgiveness provides us with the opportunity to release negative emotions.
  • Level III: Spiritual Forgiveness, in which we choose to become a servant to those we wish to forgive.

To Forgive and Forget
Do we really ever forget? If not, then forgiveness has not occurred. It is not a process of cognitively forgetting what took place, but rather a willingness to completely let go of the feelings and emotions we experienced. That is not to say that we allow ourselves to experience the same situation over and over, rather, we gain wisdom that provides us the tools to create a more positive experience in the future. 

An unwillingness to forgive implies that we are separate from each other. 

Forgive Deeply and allow Freedom for our self and others. 🙂

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